At this point of time, I assume that you already read my previous blog How to Work in Singapore as well as the FAQ.

I will now give you a handful of tips and ideas on how to apply jobs here. These are based on my experience and observation, others might not agree with what I am posting here. But still, I assure you that all the information I am posting are valid and reliable as of posting time.

Before considering applying for job in Singapore, you have to understand that there are risks involve. To tell you honestly, not all who come here looking for a job actually find a job. In short, I want you to understand that there is no guarantee that you can find a job here. There may be risk, but that risk can be lessen thru research and continuous research about the current employment situation, job market, hiring status and other things. Including to that is by subscribing in my newsletter as I am sending updates every now and then. Or if you know anyone from here, you can directly ask them.

Singapore government is tightening their grip on the foreign workers influx in Singapore. July 2011, two policies are passed to minimize and control foreign workers employment which will really affect the whole process. The whole process that I mentioned in my blog are still applicable, however, MOM and the government will still decide if they will hire foreign candidates.

Only few people take risks. And only those risk takers are successful in life. Singapore is a new place to venture, where everything is different from what we are used to in our country. Make sure you are well prepared emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. If you are that prepared, then continue reading the next paragraph.

There are three airlines I suggest you consider in buying airline ticket: Cebu Pacific, Jetstar and Tiger Airways. These are all budget airline so you will save a lot of money compare to flag carrier airlines. The next crucial thing is what to ticket to purchase. I advice you to purchase a two way ticket with an interval of one week or less. Why am I saying this if you can book for a month? It’s because, you will come here as tourist and not as job seeker. Singapore is a small country, you don’t need a month to tour it. This way, you will not have a hard time answering questions from Philippine Immigration as what most of them are experiencing. In some cases, they are even denied to go out of the country. Those immigration officers already know that most of us are using Singapore tourist visa to find work. So the best thing to do is to follow my advice.

In case you have relatives here, you can ask for an invitation letter. It’s just a letter that you will come here and stay with your relatives. But this is hassle for them because it needs to be authenticated from the Philippine embassy here. If you have this letter, immigration officer won’t mind even if you have a month of return ticket.

When you are in the airport, bear in mind that you will leave as tourist. I guess I don’t need to elaborate why you need to exit there as tourist. Whatever questions the immigration officer will ask you, always point that you are a tourist. For example if they will ask me how much money I have, I will show them my mastercards and few cash. If they will ask me where am I going to stay, I will them on a transient house I found on the internet or hotel if you booked one. Don’t ever show them your resume and other credentions.

Regarding the credentials and documents, you need to bring your passport, printout of your ticket, resume, passport size picture, TOR, DIPLOMA and COE.

Once you reach Singapore, most probably they wont bother you much if they se that your return ticket is within a week. Just show them that you are a tourist. If they ask you where to stay, then answer where are you going to stay. Most probably they will give you 30 days pass.

Regarding the place to stay, you better find one before coming here. It’s difficult to look for a cheap place to stay if you will only look once you arrive in the airport. Better secure the place first unless you will stay in a hotel which Singapore has a lot to offer. In finding cheap place to stay, look for a transient place. There are some filipino house owners here that are accepting bedspacer for around S$10 per day or more depending on the location, amenities and place. Better look for the cheap one if I were you. Go to and click accommodation on top. There you will see all the links of those who posted under transient category.

From the airport you can take a cab or MRT to reach your destination. If no one will fetch you from the airport, better take a cab. Don’t worry, English is the main language here, unless you don’t know how to speak.

Once settled to your place where you will stay, be familiarize with it. Ask for the nearest MRT station, bus stop, hawker center (eatery) and other amenities. You need to buy the EZ LINK card because it’s the mode of payment in public transport.

Do not forget to buy the Straight Times newspaper Saturday edition as most of the jobs are printed on this paper. Focus on applying jobs on your initial days. Never mind strolling as you will have ample of time to do that in the next few days. Some said it is best to send online applications on the weekdays morning. They said if you do this way, HR in-charge will be able to see and receive your mails on their duty hours. Sending your mails on the evening will make it on the bottom of their inbox. True or not, it makes sense so you can try also.

Prepare different sets of resume. I suggest prepare several format and copies depending on the position you will apply. I remember when I apply here, I have five sets of resume I am sending depending on the position that is available. Try to send as much as possible. Do this on the morning, and then you can stroll on the afternoon till night time. Some jobs mentioned about PR and Citizen only. It won’t hurt you to send anyway, just give it a try. If you are really qualified then they might reconsider your application.

All the streets in Singapore are mapped online. In case you have an interview in any place, just make sure you have the correct address with postal code. Go to and type the address there or postal code. It will display you the exact location of the place. You just need to take a look at the nearest MRT where you will alight and the landmark buildings near it if have.

Once a company wants to hire you, they will be the one to process everything. You just need to provide the your credentials. It may took three weeks or more for processing. Going back home is an option but it will cost you money. And if you do that, bear in mind that you are still a tourist when you answer questions from immigration officer. You will only become a valid OFW if you have the OWWA registration which you can apply once you have your necessary work pass. In case that you’re 30 days tourist pass is over and you have pending work pass application, you just need to go to MOM (Ministry of Employment) and tell them you have pending application. They will extend your stay in Singapore.

In case your 30 days is expiring soon and still no job offer, you can apply extension for another 30 days in ICA website. There are some instances that they reject applications. Third option is for you to exit either Malaysia or Indonesia. Stay there for a day then go back to Singapore. Most of the time immigration officer will give you another 30 days to stay. Before I mentioned that you get a two way ticket with a week interval. Return ticket is part of your investment and rebooking it would cost you even more money. Just list it in your expenses column.

For some who luckily got an EPEC application approved, they can stay here for a year long to find a job. Make sure before your 30 days passé expire, you need to go to ICA office and show them your EPEC letter.

Goodluck to your Singapore dreams!

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